About Us

Welcome to UCSC Recreation!

Our mission is to provide the UCSC community with an opportunity to gain skills, have fun, be challenged, and make personal connections through outdoor, recreational and hands-on learning experiences.

We offer a wide range of courses that provide opportunities for beginners as well as more experienced participants.

You can expect well-organized classes, activities and informal teaching. Be prepared to be active and involved.

Courses are led by Recreation Instructors and UCSC student leaders. Student leaders make up the foundation of the Recreation Department, bringing experience and enthusiasm to the programs they lead.

Instructors range from community members to program developers, each with extensive experience in the activity, class or workshop they offer.

Both student leaders and instructors are hired for their skills, judgement and desire to provide meaningful opportunities for people to learn and grow.

We encourage those with all backgrounds, levels of experience and abilities to participate.

Please check out our Recreation Catalog, read descriptions carefully and contact us with any questions. We invite you to join us!