About Us

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz Recreation!

Our mission is to provide the UCSC community with outdoor, recreational and hands-on learning experiences that enhance community belonging, student leadership, personal confidence and one's sense of adventure. Recreation programs are united by common threads of openness and acceptance, adventure and discovery, challenge and accomplishment, and gratitude and joy.

Each year, thousands of UCSC students participate in Recreation programs. Recreation's vision to enhance student leadership development is most evident among the 80+ student staff and volunteers that lead adventure trips and Wilderness Orientation, guide kayak tours, instruct surf classes, and provide equipment rentals and operational support. Additionally, thousands of community members engage in specific Recreation programs such as wilderness medicine, CPR and first aid courses, as well as attend the annual local screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

Recreation's diverse array of trips, classes and services, both on- and off-campus, are suitable for students eager to try out new activities while discovering new places with new friends. All activities are highly experiential. Be prepared to be active and involved. We look forward to seeing you around the Rec!