Kayak Instructors

Have you looked out at the Monterey Bay and wondered, what would it be like to sit on the water out there? If so, let's go kayaking! Whether it's in the safety of the Santa Cruz Harbor or out past the breakers or saying hello to the sea otters at Moss Landing, kayaking in the Monterey Bay is an unbelievable experience. 

Recreation's sea kayak instructors are highly skilled paddlers with a love of sharing the experience with typically brand-new paddlers. In such a dynamic ocean environment, kayak instructors exercise scrupulous judgment through a constant awareness of their environment and the group. Our instructors not only manage the technical aspects of the kayaking experience, but also open the eyes of their group through intimate knowledge of the marine environment.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required:

  • Experience leading sea kayaking groups in open water
  • Proficiency in self-rescue and rescue of others in adverse conditions
  • Strong swimming abilities
  • Knowledge and experience in determining and judging ocean conditions including wind, seas, swells, and tide
  • Current CPR & First Aid training required
  • Knowledge of the Monterey Bay marine environment and environmental interpretation skills preferred
  • Clean driving record and experience driving 12-passenger vans preferred
Apply: ER# 7277 and 7278



Cindy Pierce

Outdoor Rental Manager
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