Surf Instructors

Santa Cruz is world famous for surfing. Each year dozens of students take advantage of the low-cost, beginner-friendly classes offered by Recreation. Our surf instructors have surfed around Santa Cruz for years and are thrilled to introduce this magical sport to UCSC students. With the experience to know where to go, the knowledge to teach and the competency to keep students safe, these instructors bring a ton to the ocean.

In addition to our surf instructors, a Surf Teaching Assistant joins each class. Our Surfing TAs have a wealth of personal surfing experience, and are building their surf instruction expertise.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required:

  • Knowledge of longboard surfing techniques & etiquette, ocean dynamics, & surf breaks in Santa Cruz area
  • Advanced surfing experience
  • Experience teaching surfing
  • Interpersonal and communication skills to effectively instruct students
  • Ability to effectively communicate with and be sensitive to an ethnically diverse population
  • Knowledge of ocean/beach conditions and safety procedures
  • Current CPR certification
Surfing Teaching Assistant: ER# 0293


Brock Gudeman

Brock Gudeman

Adventure Programs Supervisor
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