General Equipment List

Here is a general equipment list for backpacking Adventure Outings. If you're heading out on a day trip or camping at a campground, you'll bring much less. Your leaders can answer equipment questions in more detail.


□ Sleeping bag *(Rentable at Rec)        

□ Sleeping bag stuff sack *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Plastic bag to line stuff sack            

□ Sleeping pad (closed-cell foam or inflatable) *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Lightweight daypack       

□ 2 one liter bottles       

□ Headlamp w/ extra batteries *(Rentable at Rec)           

Food stuff sack                

□ Cup, Bowl, Spoon *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Backpack *(Rentable at Rec)


□ Hiking boots or sturdy hiking shoes   

□ Rain jacket *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Rain pants *(Rentable at Rec)                   

□ Sun hat       

□ Camp shoes

□ T-shirts               

□ Lightweight shorts

□ Lightweight pants

□ Underwear

□ Swimsuit (shorts and jog bras work)

Warm Layers

For the following warm layers be sure to bring fleece, synthetic or wool clothing. 

□ Insulated jacket

□ Lightweight sweater or vest *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Synthetic or wool pants *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Long underwear top *(Rentable at Rec)        

□ Long underwear bottoms *(Rentable at Rec)

□ 1 pair long pants                

□ 2 pairs of synthetic or wool socks *(Rentable at Rec)

□ Warm hat/beanie

Small Items & Toiletries

□ 1-2 small plastic produce bags (for garbage)        

□ 1 heavy-duty plastic trash bag

□ Journal w/pen or pencil (optional)

□ Bandanna (optional)

□ Sunglasses                     

□ Small outdoors knife (optional, but highly recommended)

□ Feminine hygiene supplies

□ Toothbrush and toothpaste (travel size)      

□ Sunblock, small tube (spf 15-25)

□ Chapstick (spf 15-25)  

□ Comb/rubber bands, if you use them

□ A group surprise! (to lounge in, entertain, or treat)

For the Van/Drive

□ Daypack

□ Book/magazine/music/etc.

□ Snacks/food

□ Clean change of clothing for ride home (?)

□ $$ for food

□ Water


Gear that may be provided by Recreation (please see specific list from your leaders):

  • Shelters, first aid kits, maps, cookware and stoves, dish soap/scrubbies, water treatment

Food: If food is part of the outing then it will be discussed at the pre-trip meeting or made clear in a pre-trip email.  We will either get food before hand or shop en-route.