Spring Break Trips Schedule

Activity Date Pre-trip Cost
STEV 13: Leadership Training Spring Break Intensive: Backpacking the Canyons of Southern Utah F, 3/24-Su, 4/2, 7a
Grand Canyon Backpack & Colorado River Canoeing Sa, 3/25-Su, 4/2, 7a W, 3/8, 6-8p $490
Grand Canyon Backpack and Rock Climbing Sa, 3/25-Su, 4/2, 7a Th, 3/9, 6-8p $490
Nourishing Minds and Meals: CA Farm to School Sa, 3/25-Su, 4/2, 8a TBA $295
Big Sur: An Extravaganza of Natural History and Exploration Sa, 3/25, 8a-Sa, 4/1 T, 3/14, 6-8p $360
CANCELLED: Whitewater Rafting Guide School Sa, 3/25-Sa, 4/1, 8a F, 3/17, 5-7:30p $475