GX Cross-Training Challenge


The "GX Cross-Training Challenge" is a fun, simple, and FREE promotion we've created to motivate you to add some DIVERSITY to the types of group exercise classes you normally attend.

Slug Recreation members (which include all students) with the Virtual GX Add-on can register for FREE at campusrec.ucsc.edu.

Here's how the challenge works:

During the 2-weeks of the challenge (Mon, 11/9-Sun, 11/22) you "cross-train" by attending classes from 2 or more of our 4 different class categories: Dance, Cardio, Stretch, & Strength (see below for specific class options).  You'll earn entries into the end-of-event prize drawing according to how many of the class categories you attend.

  • Attend classes in at least 2 class categories and you'll earn 2 prize drawing entries
  • Attend classes in at least 3 class categories and you'll earn 4 prize drawing entries
  • Attend classes in all 4 class categories and you'll earn 8 prize drawing entries!
Note: You must attend a class (i.e. be signed into the Zoom meeting) for at least half of the session in order for it to be counted towards your totals. 

Available Classes for Each Class Category:

For the purposes of this challenge, our class category options will be as follows (registration for all classes is at campusrec.ucsc.edu):

- ZUMBA w/ Francesca (Mon @ 6:45p)
- ZUMBA w/Jaelynn (Tue @ 12:30p)
- U-JAM w/Jaelynn (Wed @ 8:00p)
- ZUMBA w/LaTecia (Thu @ 5:30p)
- ZUMBA w/Francesca (Sat @ 11:30a)
- FIT & STRONG w/Holly (Mon @ 5:30p)
- CARDIO KICK w/Billy (Tue @ 5:30p)
- POP PILATES w/Julie (Wed @ 11:30a)
- CARDIO KICK w/Billy (Wed @ 6:45p)
- CARDIO KICK w/Julie (Thu @ 11:30a)
- FLOW YOGA w/Don (Mon @ 12:30p)
- SUNSET YOGA w/Kylie (Tue @ 6:45p)
- IYENGAR YOGA w/Don (Wed @ 12:00p)
- SUNSET YOGA (Thu @ 6:45p)
- FLOW YOGA w/Don (Fri @ 12:30p)
- FIT BARRE w/Kia (Mon @ 11:30a)
- CORE CONDITIONING w/Holly (Tue @ 11:30a)
- CORE CONDITIONING w/Kimball (Tue @ 11:30a)
- BARRE ABOVE w/Julie (Fri @ 11:30a)
- CORE-YOGA FUSION w/Kia (Sat @ 12:30p)

The more diversely you "cross-train", the better your chances of winning a prize! Only one prize per participant, though (we want to spread the fun around as far as possible). The first step is to sign-up online to participate. Click here to register.

Your attendance-totals and prize-drawing entries will be listed on the "Current Results" page of our website and will be updated daily during the 2-week challenge. Your attendance will automatically be tracked when you join our Zoom classes via the link in your class-registration confirmation emails, but you must attend at least half of the class-session in order for it to count toward your totals.

Available Prizes:

  • Personal Fitness Training Sessions
  • Home Fitness Equipment Items: ($10-$20 value)
    • Yoga Mats
    • Yoga Blocks
    • Resistance Bands
    • Foam Rollers
    • Pilates Balls
  • ...and more to come!