GooseChase Scavenger Hunts


Welcome to the Athletics & Recreation GooseChase scavenger hunts! By joining these UC Santa Cruz games, you will be able to 1) Have fun 2) Connect with friends, and 3) Explore your local outdoors!

  1. Getting Started
    1. In order to participate, head over to to get the GooseChase application on your mobile device.
    2. Select “Play as Guest” or “Play with New Account”.
      1. If creating an account, please use your address.
    3. Search “UCSC”.
    4. Choose any game featuring Redwood Slug to be eligible for prizes.
    5. Passwords are not required for any of the Athletics & Recreation games.
  2. Games and Locations
    1. Athletics & Recreation is offering several games. Some games and missions require you to be present in Santa Cruz or living on campus, while others allow you to be playing from anywhere!
    2. McHenry Cup College Challenge - This is your chance to earn points for your college and win the McHenry Cup at the end of the academic year. Earn prizes along the way for reaching certain point thresholds.
    3. Santa Cruz Sampler - This is an exploratory game that gives you ideas on places to see around Santa Cruz.
    4. Local to You Sampler - This is an exploratory game that gives you ideas on places to see in your area, wherever you are.
    5. Campus Exploration - This is an exploratory game that gives you ideas on locations and landmarks to see on campus.
  3. Player Eligibility
    1. All UC Santa Cruz students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this program.
    2. All students will sign-up with their college affiliation at UC Santa Cruz when completing their missions.
  4. Teams
    1. Students are identified by their college affiliation at UC Santa Cruz. Points earned count towards your team’s overall point total.
  5. Equipment
    1. Mobile Device
      1. Most up-to-date GooseChase application must be downloaded
      2. Camera will be required to submit proof of completion for select missions
      3. Photos and video submissions must be capture in the GooseChase app.
    2. Face masks are required for missions that require participants to leave their home
  6. Guidelines
    1. Participants are asked to always be aware of their surroundings while completing missions
    2. Participants are to refrain from playing GooseChase while operating a motor vehicle.
    3. Once the game has begun, missions will automatically be available. Missions will continue to become available throughout the year.
    4. All mission submissions are subject to review by Athletics and Recreation staff. 
    5. Submissions that indicate non-compliance with COVID-19 guidelines will be deleted.
    6. By submitting mission completions all participants agree to use of their submission for future promotional materials for University of California, Santa Cruz Athletics and Recreation.
  7. Prizes
    1. Prizes will be awarded at point thresholds as determined and subsequently announced by Athletics and Recreation staff within the game.
    2. The college with the most accumulated points by June 4, 2021 will earn the McHenry Cup as well as special edition swag for qualified students.

Last Updated: 10/8/20