Academic Course Overview

Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) Courses: Immerse yourself in practical and in-depth leadership training.

Whether you are experienced, or taking your first steps to exploring the “Art of Leadership,” we warmly miranda-with-student.pngwelcome you. The Experiential Leadership Program is designed to give you hands-on experiences and frameworks to build your confidence and competence as a leader. In this program you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, become part of a motivated student community and grow as both an individual and emerging professional.

ELP curriculum focuses on developing a leadership mindset, gaining skills and tools for building and being a part of strong teams and communities and growing ourselves as people so that we can best serve and lead others. What is taught in the Experiential Leadership Program is transferable and relevant to working with people in any environment ranging from classrooms, organizations and communities to boardrooms, rivers, and mountaintops.

This program provides a well-structured, safe and fun training ground to explore new interests, meet new people, take risk and expand your own circle of comfort. Our goal and commitment is to cultivate inclusive, resilient, self-reflective leaders who have the confidence and skill to take initiative and make a difference in the world.

Academic Courses Overview

Each course fulfills a 2-unit Collaborative Endeavor, GE PR-E

Director awarded one of favorite faculty in 2018

  • STEV 11A Tools for Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • STEV 11B Leadership from the Inside Out, Networking and Professionalism
  • STEV 11C Leading with Cultural Intelligence and Tone-Setting:  Structure, Feelings and Purpose
  • STEV 12 Risk Management and Exploring Social Justice through the lens of Outdoor Leadership
  • STEV 13 Leadership Spring Break Intensive


Miranda Allen

Miranda Allen

Experiential Leadership Program Director
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