STEV 11, 12, 13 Courses

Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) Courses: Immerse yourself in practical and in-depth leadership training.

ELP/STEV curriculum focuses on developing a leadership mindset, gaining tools and insights to build strong teams and communities, and growing ourselves as people so that we can best serve and lead others. What is taught in ELP/STEV is transferable and relevant to working with people in any environment ranging from classrooms, organizations and communities to boardrooms, rivers and mountaintops.

Five ELP Courses are offered this year. Enroll in one ELP Core Course per quarter, plus add one or more elective courses to delve deeper into an ELP topic. Each course:
  • Is two units
  • Fulfills the PR-E Genral Education Requirement
  • Lasts for the full 10 weeks
  • You enroll through MyUCSC
  • Is offered through Stevenson College and the Recreation's Experiential Leadership Program
  • Fills up fast!


Miranda Allen

Miranda Allen

Experiential Leadership Program Director
(831) 459-4006Save