Leadership from the Inside Out, Networking and Professionalism

Course Overview and Learning Outcomes:

Gain insights, tools and confidence to identify and purse goals, dreams and aspirations. This leadership course series focuses on developing a “growth mindset” gaining insights into who you are and practical tools for getting where you want to go. Students should be prepared for a highly interactive and hands on course.

Goal Setting, Networking and Professionalism

This section encompasses the exploration of personal aspirations as well as addressing concrete tools and practical matters for reaching those aspirations. Those practical matters including: goal setting, networking, professionalism, interviewing, resumes, organization and taking action for yourself. In this course students are introduced to the UC Santa Cruz Career Centers and given guidance for taking the steps to reach for meaningful opportunities.

Leadership From the Inside Out

Leadership is not just about what you do; leadership is also about knowing who you are and how you fit into the larger picture. Skilled leadership evolves from the ability to self-reflect, gain insights into one's self, and continually grow as a person. In this course, students will explore the concepts of temperament, traits, the development of character and gain an understanding of how awareness of these concepts can help us work effectively with others and build strong teams. Students will be guided to self reflect and gain tools to deepen an understanding of themselves and others.

The Art and Heart of Public Speaking

We are delighted to have Don Williams, Director of UCSC's Rainbow Theater, lead a class with fun activities and introduce participants to the art of public speaking. Whether you love or loath public speaking, you will be supported to gain greater confidence and tools for communicating effectively with groups. Explore the importance and influence of how to carry yourself, use command of voice, plan out main points and speak from the heart.

Field Day: Mountains to the Sea Adventure Hike

Field Day will be held on:

  • Group A: Saturday, February 4, 2017
  • Group B: Sunday, February 12, 2017
  • Time: 9 AM – 7 PM
  • Transportation is provided.
  • Bring money: we will stop at a Taqueria or inexpensive place for dinner

Our field day will include a challenge hike from the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The purpose of this day is to connect with class mates, practice engaging a “growth mindset” and explore what it looks like to travel and work together in a manner that supports a successful and positive team experience. No hiking experience is necessary; however, be psychologically prepared for a physical challenge. We will be hiking 8 – 10 miles, in the company of friends. This day will not be a race or a time to prove your self to others. We will be hiking as fast as the slowest people, pacing ourselves our selves to enjoy the day, taking plenty of breaks, eating lots of food and drinking lots of water. Students will be taught to read maps and travel effectively as a group.

Students will demonstrate increased confidence and the ability to do the following:

  • Identify and understand personal strengths, weaknesses and temperament as a tool for growth and working effectively with others
  • Approach challenges with a growth mindset
  • Self reflect, make decisions and take action about how one wants to be in the world
  • Articulate personal goals, aspirations and identify steps towards reaching those goals
  • Understand and access the hidden job market
  • Take steps to network with others and engage in informational interviews
  • Prepare for and make a short speech in front of an audience
  • Prepare for and engage in an interview
  • Recover from rejection and keep going until you get where you want to be