Faculty and Staff Meeting Support

Support for effective meetings and retreats that get good results

We offer expertise in designing collaborative meetings. We will help you identify short- and long-term meetingmeeting-support.jpg goals, select effective participation formats that support engagement and provide powerful tools for collaboration and decision making.

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Faculty Testimonial:

"I felt prepared heading into this retreat! The decision to involve Miranda Allen as a facilitator, and find the resources to have her support as part of our meeting, was totally essential. Having a facilitator actively encouraged me as a chair to not shy away from difficult conversations. This is a real change in our culture, because of the fear we all have not wanting to damage relationships. We were able to have valuable important conversations with successful outcomes. I couldn't have done it without Miranda's strategic planning, coaching and facilitation support."


Miranda Allen

Miranda Allen

Experiential Leadership Program Director
(831) 459-4006