Students, Faculty and Staff Team Served

Team building program

Student Teams Served Faculty and Staff Teams Served
Student Union Assembly Officers
Student Union Assembly Representatives
Cultural Arts and Diversity, Rainbow Theater and African American Theatre Arts Troupe
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars
Global Leaders
International Students
ODEI/CHES Student Diversity and Inclusion Program
Educational Opportunity Program Summer Bridge
Summer Academy Mentors
Cultivamos Excelencia
Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES)
SEMILLA Mentors and Students
EEB PhD Candidates
Pathways to Research
CalFresh Ambassadors
Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program
Sustainability InterOrg
Summer Orientation Leaders
Learning Support Services (LSS)
Oakes College NAs
Porter Slugs
C9/10 RAs
Village RAs
Crown/Merrill RAs
Sammy Slug Summer Camp Staff
Women’s Golf Team
Women’s Tennis Team
Men’s Soccer Team
Women’s Soccer Team
Women’s Volleyball
Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Team
Wilderness Orientation
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Faculty
Graduate Division Faculty and Staff Team
Education Department Faculty
History of Art and Visual Culture Faculty
Environmental Science Faculty
Stevenson Faculty and Staff Team
Student Business Services Career Staff
Counseling and Psychological Services 
Admissions Staff
Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems Staff
Summer Academy Staff
Stevenson College Staff
Food Services Career Staff
Library Services Staff
Conference Services Staff
Digital Arts and Media Staff
Smith Renaissance Society Board
Student Affairs Executive Team
OPERS Referendum Committee
SOAR and OPERS Executive Team


ELP Academic Courses Overview
Fulfill a 2 Unit Collaborative Endeavor GE PR-E
Director awarded one of favorite faculty in 2018
STEV 11A Tools for Leadership and Conflict Resolution
STEV 11B Leadership from the Inside Out, Networking and Professionalism
STEV 11C Leading with Cultural Intelligence and Tone-Setting: Structure, Feelings and Purpose
STEV 12 Risk Management and Exploring Social Justice through the lens of Outdoor Leadership
STEV 13 Leadership Spring Break Intensive