Bikes - Maintenance and Licenses

Bike Maintenance Clinics: Drop-in, Free, One day each week

Bikes are great, until they're not. Keeping your bike rolling can be finicky, confusing and expensive. Leave it to Recreation's expert bike mechanics to get your bike back on the road, take care of that mysterious clicking or just to answer your bike questions. This free service is sponsored by UCSC Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS).

WINTER 2020:

Wednesdays, 2-5pm, East Field House

Not available in Summer quarter. Check out the UCSC Bike Co-op to help you keep your wheels rolling.

Bike Licensing

There are four good reasons to license your bike:

1. It's the law. All bikes operated on the UC Santa Cruz campus and in the city of Santa Cruz must be registered with a current California bicycle license. Unlicensed bikes on campus are subject to citation.

2. It helps prevent theft, and aids in recovering stolen bikes. Send a warning to would–be thieves: This bike is registered with law enforcement agencies. Licensing enters your bike into a statewide system of identification, recovery and notification – and also significantly increases the likelihood of your stolen bike being found and returned.

3. It's easy and free when you use the Santa Cruz Police Department Online Bike License Registration

4. And in the worst licenses provide a means of identifying accident victims. Please note: To obtain information about a bicycle that was previously licensed at UCSC contact the Campus Police at (831) 459-2231.
Additionally, the TAPS' Bike Program page is filled with tips and insights to help you safely navigate our world on your bike.


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