Vans Handbook


A.    Driver Requirements

B.    Requesting a Van Reservation

C.    Picking up your Van

D.    Returning your Van

E.    On the Road - Requirements

F.    On the Road - Best Practices

G.    Unauthorized Vehicle Use

H.    Vehicle Accidents, Damages and Liability

I.     Fuel Cards

J.     Emergencies


A. Driver Requirements

Athletics and Recreation Staff and Student Staff:

  1. Valid U.S. driver’s license
  2. At least two years of driving experience
  3. Defensive Driver Training - Online; CA Department of General Services
  4. Participate in Employer Pull Notice program - Just Fill out this form
  5. Complete a Van Driving Checklist and Trip Sheet for each trip.

Students Only, In Addition to the Above:

    • In-house van driving training (specific curriculum determined by each department)
    • In-house trailer driving training (if driving a trailer)

 All van drivers must be UCSC students, staff, or faculty, or be associated non-University members on official University business with authorization from appropriate University officials.

 To participate in the Employer Pull Notice program:

  1. Each driver signs the CA DMV Form 1101 acknowledging their participation in the EPN program. Each department will retain their own drivers’ forms.
  2. Department staff persons will email Tracy Freeman at Fleet Services (, with the following information for each driver:
    • Last name, first name
    • Driver’s license number
    • Class of license
  3. It typically takes less than three business days for the driver information to be processed. Responses will only be received if there is a concern with a driver record.


B. Requesting a Van Rental Reservation

You have two options:

  1. Complete an online Van Reservation Request

  2. Call or email Cindy Pierce,, 831-459-2806


C. Picking up your Van

Please allow approximately 30 minutes to pick up your van.

  1. Vans must not be driven or moved in any way until the start of your rental reservation.
  2. Show your driver’s license. Recreation will keep a photocopy.
  3. The Recreation supervisor will confirm your reservation.
  4. You and a Recreation supervisor will complete a Van Driving Checklist and Trip Sheet.
  5. For each van, you will receive up to two sets of keys and one fuel card.


D. Returning your Van

  1. Vans must be returned to the Athletics and Recreation parking lot no later than the scheduled return time.
  2. Return the van in clean condition. You are not responsible for washing the exterior.
  3. Provide the Recreation supervisor with the sets of keys, fuel card, and fuel card receipts.
  4. The Recreation supervisor and you will confirm the ending mileage and condition of the van.


E. On the Road - Requirements

  1. Drivers must abide by all state and federal rules of the road.
  2. Drivers must have their valid driver’s license in their possession.
  3. All van occupants must always wear seat belts.
  4. Alcohol, controlled substances, weapons and smoking in the vehicle are prohibited.
  5. Drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone in any way, including hands free devices.
  6. Drivers are prohibited from adjusting any cabin controls while on the road - temperature, radio, passenger windows, mirrors, etc. The only exception is to adjust their own window.
  7. One-way trips are restricted to 16 total hours. After 16 hours, the trip may resume after at least an 8-hour break.
  8. Drive with headlights on at all times.


F. On the Road - Best Practices

  1. Adjust side and rear view mirrors prior to driving.
  2. For trips lasting greater than two hours, consider having at least two drivers per van.
  3. If a second driver suggests switching out of concern for the current driver’s condition, the switch happens without argument. Consider switching drivers no more than every four hours.
  4. Because vans are larger than most vehicles we drive, drivers use spotters when backing up. If you are driving solo, step out of the van and check out your intended path before backing up.
  5. Firmly adhere to the three-second rule. This allows ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you if they quickly decelerate.


G. Unauthorized Vehicle Use

  1. Van use without authorization by appropriate University administrators
  2. Transporting unauthorized personnel or materials
  3. Transporting, possessing or using alcohol or controlled substances
  4. Possession of a vehicle beyond the established reservation period
  5. Smoking inside of the van
  6. Van use for personal business


H. Vehicle Accidents, Damages and Liability

  1. Drivers are responsible to abide by state laws related to reporting accidents to local authorities.
  2. If the accident involves another driver, do not admit fault. Contact the local authorities if the situation requires it and exchange necessary information:
    1. Driver’s name, phone number, and address
    2. Witnesses’ names and phone numbers
    3. Driver’s insurance information, driver’s license number, and plate number
  3. Call the Recreation office. Contact numbers are listed below.
  4. Complete the Vehicle Accident Report form located in the van binder.


I. Fuel Cards

  1. Know whether your van uses gas or diesel. Use the correct fuel for your van.
  2. Please use the fuel card at major fuel stations only. Some small service stations will not accept it. 
  3. The fuel card should only be used for the van to which it is assigned.
  4. Purchases are restricted only to fuel and oil.
  5. To use your fuel card:
    1. Insert and remove the fuel card.
    2. Enter the current odometer reading.
    3. Enter the vehicle number (ex/007703).


J. Emergencies

For immediate threats to life and safety, your first call should be 911. Call the Recreation office as soon as is practical after an accident occurs or the emergency situation allows. Call the top number first. If you do not get through, call down through the list, until you reach someone.

Dustin Smucker, Associate Director of Recreation

(831) 459-2668 (w); (831) 291-6674 (c)           

Cindy Pierce, Senior Recreation Supervisor

(831) 459-2806 (w); (831) 600-5380 (c)

UCSC Police Dispatch

(831) 459-2231

UCSC Fleet Services (8am-5pm, M-F)

(831) 459-2228

Fleet Assistance (24 hour roadside assistance)

(800) 600-6065