Current Facility Operation Schedules

To view current facility reservations in real time, please click here. Note: all availability is subject to change according to UC Santa Cruz Athletics and Recreation programs.

Facility Reservation Request Process

Athletics & Recreation External Facility Reservation Request

  • All campus persons or organizations requesting use of Athletics and Recreation facilities need to complete the form linked above a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the event. Please be advised that not all facility reservation requests can be granted due to Athletics and Recreation or other University programming.

    • SOAR Organizations: consult SOAR advisors.

    • Residential Life: consult College Program Coordinators

  • Rental Fees: Facilities are rented by the hour. Rental rates are approved miscellaneous fees.

    • Hours include the client's set-up and clean-up time. Rental fees do not include insurance fee, food or beverage service, Environmental Health and Safety services, Fire Chief or Electrician fees.

  • Payment Method: FOAPAL, Recharge Form or Check.

  • Contracting & Insurance: Please click here to view an example contract to view liability and insurance requirements.
  • UC Santa Cruz Student Handbook Policy References
    • 42.30 Noncommercial Fundraising

      Noncommercial fund-raising by student governments and by Registered Campus Organizations

      shall be permitted pursuant to University policies and campus implementing regulations.

      Noncommercial fundraising by individuals or by other groups also may be permitted under

      regulations developed by the campus, consistent with University policy. Provisions must be made

      in such regulations governing the collection of donations, sale of materials, admission charges,

      and financial accountability.

    • 42.31 University properties may not be used for income-producing activities that are

      commercial in nature or for the purpose of realizing personal financial gain except for

      approved educational or training programs, or as defined by the Campus Commercial

      Activities Policy, or as required by law.

    • 42.32 For the purpose of these policies, commercial activity is defined as soliciting,

      hawking or otherwise peddling or renting any goods, wares, merchandise, liquids or

      edibles for human consumption or services on University property, operating any

      commercial enterprise, or giving any lessons, classes or instruction on University

      property whether for profit or otherwise, except as specifically authorized. This

      category of activity is not intended to include the hiring of speakers or performers by

      the university.

    • 42.33 Registered Campus Organizations may raise funds on campus in accordance with

      the following definitions and regulations:

      • Fundraising is defined as the collection of money by means of sales, contributions, donations and/or admission charges to events or meetings on a regular or occasional basis.

      • All fundraising events and activities by registered campus organizations must be scheduled through and approved by SOMeCA, Athletics & Recreation, the college, or the Dean of Students Office.

      • The purpose for which funds are raised must be described clearly and be consistent with the stated purpose of the sponsoring organization.

      • Financial and in-kind support of student programs and activities or Registered Campus Organizations by for-profit organizations is not considered a commercial activity under these guidelines and therefore may be permitted, provided that the primary purpose of such support is to underwrite a program or activity, as opposed to the promotion or endorsement of a commercial product or service. Examples might include the financial underwriting of a crafts fair, a lecture or a sports event. A Registered Campus Organization may publicly acknowledge such support but shall not endorse any commercial products or services which includes not providing advertising on university websites. Prior to any solicitation, all plans for business for-profit support involving registered campus organizations must receive prior approval from Student Organization Advising and Resources/Student Media/Cultural Arts and Diversity (SOMeCA), or Athletics & Recreation. SOMeCA or Athletics & Recreation will consult with Risk Management and University Relations to ensure consistency with the university's solicitation policy.
      • Advertising for any on-campus event program for which a donation is requested must make it clear that such a donation is not required as a condition of admission, nor may a specific amount of donation be indicated.
      • Raffles are illegal under the California Penal Code 330. A raffle is the sale of a chance at a prize. Prize drawings are permitted only when tickets/chances are given away. The fact that the tickets are available free of-charge must be disclosed on the ticket and on any advertising. Voluntary donations may be accepted but cannot be "required" in order to have a chance at a prize.
      • Campus units/organizations may raise funds on campus with the approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students, dean, or Senior Director, Student Life in accordance with these policies and regulations and in consultation with Risk Management and University Advancement.

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