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UC Santa Cruz Community Boating Center is a community-based boating program in which the staff and participants take pride in connecting students and community members to the Monterey Bay through recreational activities including sailing, rowing and kayaking.

A lifetime of enjoying these sports comes from familiarity with the equipment, skills, and water safety, all of which the UC Santa Cruz Community Boating Center provides.

The Community Boating Center also connects people who are interested in these sports to one another, whether you are a beginner seeking to learn something new or a more experienced sailor, rower, and/or kayaker.

Boating Center History

The UC Santa Cruz Community Boating Center was started in 1971 by Dick Murray, as a way to make aquatic activities accessible to the Santa Cruz community.

Over the past 45 years the UC Santa Cruz Community Boating Center has taught over 30,000 members of the Santa Cruz area how to sail, row, kayak, windsurf, and make educated decisions about our local waters, Monterey Bay.

The program was originally designed to teach people how to sail and then added rowing and kayaking classes about 20 years ago to keep up with the growing demand for boating on different vessels.

We pride ourselves on providing people with the knowledge on how to make intelligent and safe decisions while boating on their own and have introduced numerous people to a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives all over the world.

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Boating Club Information

During club hours, members have access to a variety of sailboats and rowing shells. Members will need to pass a checkout for the type of boat they'd like to use (keelboat check out for the keelboats, dinghy check out for the dinghies, etc). Sailors and rowers are evaluated based on experience and allowed boat use accordingly.

Checkouts are offered quarterly. Contact us to hear about upcoming checkouts.

To read more, take a look at the Community Boating Club Home.

Pay membership dues and club fees online here.

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to sail? Come join us year-round to build confidence on the water and learn how to safely operate boats on Monterey Bay.

We offer sailing, rowing, and kayaking PE classes to UC Santa Cruz students during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

During the summer, we offer courses to the community. Community classes are available to everyone!

Upon completion of sailing or rowing classes, both students and community members are allowed access to boat use through the UCSC Boating Club.


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Featured Events

The boating center remains closed until further notice. Classes for Fall 2020 have been canceled.


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Physical Location

FF Dock - Santa Cruz Harbor

790 Mariner Park Way

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

NOTE: Look for the sign that says "UCSC Boating"

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