UC Santa Cruz Community Boating Club


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Our club exists to give community members, UC Santa Cruz students, faculty, and staff access to equipment that makes it possible to enjoy our beautiful Monterey Bay. The club provides members a unique opportunity to use any number of sailing and rowing vessels under the weekend supervision of the Boating Center dockmaster.

Our boats:

  • Sailing vessels for weekend use currently include RS Quests, Lasers, RS Visions, a SC27, a Santana 22, a J 24, an Olson 30, and an O'Day 34.
  • The rowing fleet exists of eight Edon training shells, two MAAS AEROS 20s, two MAAS 24s, Bay 21, Pegasus, WinTech 30' double, and a custom-built wooden double. 

Want to take a boat out? Make sure to pay your membership dues and boat fees online ahead of time. The boating center will no longer be accepting cash payments on-site.


Sailing Hours:
Friday 4:00-7:00 PM (during daylight savings)
Saturday 12:00-5:00 PM
Sunday 12:00-5:00 PM


Members of the Community Boating Club have access to sailboats and rowing shells during club hours. Members must be approved for boat use by the boating directors before checking out a rowing shall or sailboat. Check our calendar for the next available checkout day. If you do not have prior sailing or rowing experience, we offer classes to build your confidence on the water! For class information, click here.

Sailors and rowers are evaluated based on experience and allowed boat use accordingly.



Club Membership Fees:

UCSC Student Membership: $45

Non-Student Quarterly Membership:  $150

Non-Student Annual Membership:  $500

Family Discount: First member full price, additional members half price

There are a few minor fees associated with taking boats out. Guest fees apply to any non-member who will be going out on a boat.

Student Guest Fee:  $5

Non-Student Guest Fee:  $10

*Guests are limited to one visit per month.


The hourly boat rental fee applies only to the use of the O'day 34.

Student Hourly Boat Rental Fee:  $20

Non-Student Hourly Boat Rental Fee:  $30

Miscellaneous Fees

Late Boat-Return Fee:  $20

Damaged Equipment:  Up to $5000

*Recently raised from $750

Lost Equipment:  Depreciated replacement cost


To be followed by members and guests at all times.


  • Obey the Dockmaster's instructions at all times.
  • Life jackets will be worn by skipper and crew members at all times.
  • All crew should wear proper clothing, including closed-toe shoes (no bare feet); No shirts, no shoes, no lifejackets - no service!
  • No smoking on or near boats or sails.
  • No alcohol allowed.
  • Backpacks are subject to search.
  • No pets.
  • No children under 8, unless previous permission is granted.
  • No fishing off the boats.
  • Individuals are limited to one guest visit per month.

Conditions and Sailing Restrictions

  • Dinghies will be towed out on weekends.
  • Boats do not leave the harbor during a northerly(offshore) breeze.
  • Boats are to be brought in at the first sign of a northerly breeze or any time the conditions exceed your ability or skill level.
  • At no time should sailors attempt to sail under the bridge.
  • Boats will not sail during Wednesday night races.
  • Boats heel not to exceed 20 degrees; the boat must be de-powered. Do not abuse sails by excessive luffing.
  • Boats do not leave the harbor when waves are breaking at the harbor mouth.
  • Boats do not go out when visibility is less than 1 mile (mile buoy must be visible from harbor or sailors must return when visibility decreases).
  • No tying up to non-university docks.
  • 2-hour time limit for during periods of high boat usage.
  • Club members may bring guests, but not the same person more than once a month.

Care and Use of Equipment

  • Boats are not to be left with sails up; don't rig until you're ready to go.
  • Boats are to be scrubbed with soap and water after every use.
  • All rubbish must be removed from the boat.
  • All sails must be properly folded and stowed in bags.
  • Complete check-out form and check out with dockmaster for final equipment return approval
  • Skipper and/or crew are responsible for any missing equipment upon the return of the boat.

Boating Club Member Responsibilities

  • Know and follow the rules listed here.
  • Know and follow the rules of the road.
  • Know when your membership expires.
  • Keep your dues current.
  • Return boats on time (within the 2-hour limit) and allow enough time to have the boats unrigged by closing. You will be charged $20/hour for any time over closing time that you are late (returning and/or de-rigging the boat).
  • You are responsible for the actions and safety of your crew/guests.
  • You are responsible for reporting all accidents or needed repairs to the Dockmaster upon return.





RS Vision Standards

Level 1 – Knows rigging, can sail in harbor, not allowed out in the bay.

Level 2 – Can sail in bay observing the dinghy level 2 boundaries (1/2 mile to the south, blacks to the east, and the wharf to the west) in winds not exceeding 12 knots. Wetsuit required.

Level 3 – Can sail in bay observing the keelboat boundaries (mile buoy to the south, blacks to the east, and the wharf to the west) in winds not exceeding 18 knots. Wetsuit required.

Level 4 – Can use a spinnaker, out in the bay, observing the keelboat boundaries. Must have at least one other crew member on board that is checked out for spinnaker use as well, but no more than 3 people on the boat at a time. Wetsuit required.

*The RS Visions and Lasers are more expensive high-performance dinghies that require more attention to detail while rigging and de-rigging. If there is loss or damage to equipment while sailing one of these boats the participant/s will be held financially accountable.