Welcome to Physical Education!

Physical Education (PE) offers students an opportunity to learn and improve skills progressively in a variety of activities while gaining knowledge about the relationship between fitness and wellness. With these experiences, students are more equipped to make important choices leading to healthy lifestyles.

  • Many classes are small, and all offer expert instruction and welcoming environments.
  • Regularly scheduled courses, which carry no academic credit but are recorded on your transcript, are available in a broad range of physical activities.
  • Most courses involve class meetings of one hour’s length, twice a week; but some consist of one and one-half hours twice a week or a single two-hour meeting per week.
  • PE courses have no course fees.
  • While many of the courses are for students at the beginning level, some are designed for the more advanced student.
  • The Physical Education program is supported by Measures 32 and 64.