Welcome to UC Santa Cruz Adventure Rec!

Rec Registration Opens Tuesday, October 1, 9:00am.
EOP Wellness Program is no longer available for Recreation programs. For questions, please contact Jesus Morales, Director of EOPjlopezm4@ucsc.edu.
Rec Rental Opens to Non-students Starting September 30.

Our mission is to provide UCSC students with outdoor experiences that promote student leadership, social belonging, personal growth and a sense of accomplishment. Adventure Rec programs are united by common threads of openness and authenticity, adventure and discovery, challenge and accomplishment, and gratitude and joy. 

Each year, over a thousand UCSC students participate in Adventure Rec programs, including:

Adventure Trips Kayaking Surfing
Rec Rental NOLS Wilderness Medicine Wilderness Orientation


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Adventure Rec's wide array of trips, classes and services, both on- and off-campus, are suitable for students eager to try out new activities while discovering new places with new friends. All activities are highly experiential. Be prepared to be active and involved. We look forward to seeing you around the Rec!

Program subsidies reduce students' financial barriers to outdoor adventures. Each year, over $30,000 is applied to reduce student registration costs and to provide extensive student leadership training opportunities. These subsidies are from fundraising from three main sources: