Nik Madsen Memorial Bench

The Nik Madsen Memorial bench in Crown Meadow

In April, 2021, the Nik Madsen Memorial bench was installed in UCSC's Upper Campus. Commissioned by Nik's parents, Pam and Lars, and in support of the Nik Madsen Memorial Endowment for Whole Heart Leadership, the bench provides a peaceful spot to reflect, remember and appreciate. These words from Nik's Natural History Field Quarter journal are on the backrest:

"Love and appreciation for the natural world comes from experience."

The connections we share through our experiences with the Rec live on. 

Find the bench here on the western edge of Crown Meadow, then consider continuing on the Nik Madsen Seep Zone Interpretive Trail.

Special thank you to Lucas Elmer, the local artist who designed and built the bench.