Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a member of the Boating Club?

Everyone is welcome to join! 

If you do not have any previous sailing or rowing experience, you'll want to take a class with us before becoming a club member.


What classes does the boating center offer to community members?

We offer all levels of sailing (dinghy and keelboats) and rowing classes to community members during the summer. Registration for Summer boating classes opens on March 15th.

For questions about course offerings or registration, please call the following number: (831) 425-1164 or (949) 371-1448.


When is the club open?

The club is open year-round, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 - 5:00.


What boats are available to members?

Sailing vessels for weekend use currently include RS Quests, Lasers, RS Visions, a Santa Cruz 27, a Santana 22, an Olson 30 and an O'day 34.

The rowing fleet consists of eight Edon training shells, two MAAS AEROS 20s, two MAAS 24s, Bay 21, Pegassus, WinTech 30' double, and a custom wooden double built by Jeremy Fisher-Smith.


How much does a membership cost?

UCSC Student Membership: $45

Non-Student Quarterly Membership:  $150

Non-Student Annual Membership:  $500

Family Discount: 1st member full price, additional member half price


How do I sign up for a membership?

Visit the UC Santa Cruz Recreation website. Click the top-left drop-down menu, then click on "Memberships." You will be prompted to sign in or create an account. Once logged in, select the boating membership you would like to purchase and follow the appropriate steps to complete your payment. 


How can I join the Boating Club?

Come down to the dock during our open club hours and talk to the dockmaster on duty.

Ask the dockmaster about the next check-out date (or check our calendar to find the next date).

You'll need to pass a check out for the type of boat you'd like to use (keelboat check out for the keelboat, dinghy check out for the dinghies, etc).

You can also contact us outside club hours via phone and email. 


Are there additional fees to take out the boats after I join the club?

There are a few minor fees associated with taking boats out. Guest fees apply to any non-member who will be going out on a boat.

Student Guest Fee:  $5
Non-Student Guest Fee:  $10
*Individuals limited to one guest visit per month.

Outboard-Use Fees are required when taking out the Santanna 22.

Student outboard fee: $5
Non-Student outboard fee: $5

The hourly boat rental fee applies only to the use of the O'day 34.

Student Hourly Boat Rental Fee :  $20
Non-Student Hourly Boat Rental Fee (O'day only):  $30
Miscellaneous Fees
Late Boat-Return Fee:  $20
Damaged Equipment:  Deductible amount:  1% of insured value, $250 minimum per incident
Lost Equipment:  Depreciated replacement cost 

Do you rent Kayaks?

We do not rent our kayaks out to members. Kayak Connection is the place to go to rent a kayak in the Harbor.


How can I get involved with the Club?

Ask to join our google group. Here you can reach out to other community members to organize events, find crew, or a boat to sail on.