How to Get Started with Personal Training

  1. The first step in getting started with our FitLife personal training services is to let us know you're interested and tell us a bit about yourself by submitting our PT Inquiry/Request Form.  After we receive and review your form, we'll forward your information onto your requested trainer or the trainer we feel will be the best fit for you based on the info you provided.
  2. The trainer to whom we've forwarded your form will reach out to you by email and/or phone to introduce themselves, answer any questions you have about our services and/or personal training in general, and explain how to move forward with scheduling your first PT session and making your purchase if you choose to do so.
  3. Once your trainer has confirmed that you wish to purchase one of our personal training packages, they'll activate your CampusRec account's ability to view and purchase our PT session options at (We don't make these purchase options available in advance in order to prevent members from purchasing sessions before we know that the trainer has the availability in their schedule to take them on).
  4. After you complete your purchase of one of our PT packages, your email receipt will contain a link to our scheduling website where you can schedule your first session (usually your initial consultation/intake meeting with your trainer), if you didn't already schedule that with your trainer during your introductory conversation.

If you have any additional questions about how to get started with our Personal Training services, please email us at