How To Register

Registration is a TWO STEP process that includes establishing your Intramural Sports membership on a quarterly ($20.00), annual ($54.00), or special event ($10.00) occurence.

Step 1 

  • Purchase your annual or quarterly membership by visiting
  • Select the "Memberships and Passes" button.
  • Select the "Intramural Sports" button.
  • Use CruzID credentials to login.
  • Scroll to and select the "Intramural Sports Membership".
  • Select one year, quarterly, or special events membership.
  • After purchasing your membership, login to with your CruzID credentials.
  • Create a team if you are a Team Captain, accept a team invitation via your IMLeague profile, or add yourself to the desired team roster(s).
  • NOTE: All participants are required to have a valid, verified membership prior to participation in Intramural Sports.

Step 2

  • Create your individual or team profile(s) via utilizing your CruzID credentials. When creating a team you will be designated as team captain. Participants may play with one team per league. Please see the Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures page for more details.
  • Once a team is created on team captains and team members may begin to invite others to the roster.
  • Teams will remain on the "waitlist" until minimum roster requirements are met. When roster requirements are met, the team may move to an available time slot or officially enter a tournament.
  • Team members will also be asked to complete an electronic/online waiver for each sport upon adding themselves to the team's roster. If you are under 18 you will need to have a parent/guardian complete a different waiver and email it to

Play begins approximately one week from the registration close date. All teams should be prepared to play the first game(s) of the season/event in the time block they registered for unless told otherwise by the Intramural Sports office.

Free Agents

If you wish to participate in Intramural Sports and have not identified a team to play on, we encourage you to do one or more of the following to sign up as a free agent. Create your account and then following the instructions below to add your name to the Free Agent list:

  1. Visit the UC Santa Cruz IMLeagues website, become a member and create your profile. Navigate through the sports you are interested in participating in and follow the links and steps to add yourself to the electronic/online Free Agent list for that sport. Team Captains will access this information and list to fill their roster by inviting you to join their team. You can also scroll through leagues to see what teams are looking for Free Agents (indicated by a blue "wanted" icon next to the team name) and contact their captains directly. Additional help on how to become a member of is available online. 
  2. Free Agents are also advised to show up at game time  to see if a team needs an extra player. Reference the schedules online at IM Leagues to determine which leagues/time slots interest you. This is usually the best option to join a team. Be mindful that rosters lock after the first three weeks of the season and at that time no additions/revisions to rosters can be made.
  3. If you do not have a team after the first two weeks of the season please contact the IM Office and we will work to try to get you on a team. DO NOT submit the individual quarterly participant fee until you have been picked up by/assigned a team. 

Please contact the Intramural Sports office if you have any questions, concerns, or need any assistance with or

Office Phone: 831-459-4220