Sports Medicine

The purpose of UC Santa Cruz Sport Clubs Athletic Training is to provide quality medical care to all Sport Clubs participants through evidence-based injury prevention, management, and rehabilitation, enabling participants to return to sport when medically and functionally safe. Certified Athletic Trainers (AT) are multi-skilled allied healthcare professionals who collaborate with a physician to provide preventative services, emergency first aid, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of medical conditions.

Sport Clubs members with organizations classified as "high impact" by the institution are required to complete onbaording information with Sports Medicine staff. Those requirements are outlined below.  

"High Impact" Designation Requirements

  1. Complete your medical profile with the Sports Medicine office.

  2. Complete the concussion vital signs (CVS) baseline test.

  3. Complete the Concussion Education Module via academic Canvas account. You will be enrolled in this module during your Sport Clubs registration process.


  1. The Annex Athletic Training Clinic is located within the Athletics and Recreation (Ath-Rec) East Field House between the outdoor and indoor basketball courts. 
  2. Participants must be on both the team competitive roster and registered online with completed Release of Liability, Release of Protected Health Information, Consent to Treat, and online concussion education module to see the AT. 
  3. AT services are limited to injuries and illnesses sustained during a Sport Clubs practice or event. Additional payment is not necessary for AT services.  The AT may refer participants with UC SHIP to the Student Health Center or other medical providers based on needs and injuries sustained outside of sport-related activity. The participant is responsible for all billing related to such services.
  4. Clinic hours are determined quarterly and appointments are necessary. Sport Clubs participants can schedule appointments with Athletic Trainers here. If necessary, priority and legitimacy for appointments is determined by the team’s season, the nature of the injury, level of risk in sport (ie. cross country versus rugby) and other factors.  Appointments may be canceled per ATs discretion of the aforementioned factors. 
  5. Any participant under the care of a physician for injuries or illnesses that preclude them from participating in sport must present a note of clearance from the treating physician to the AT in order to return to Sport Clubs participation.

For more information on Athletic Training, please see Rule 25 of the Sport Clubs Handbook.