Volunteer Information

Please see the instructions for completing volunteer forms as well as the mandated volunteering  information below. 


Who is eligible to be a Volunteer?

There are criteria that must be met to be eligible to sign up as a volunteer. For instance, someone who is  employed full time by the University is not eligible to sign up as a volunteer. Volunteers are subject to the same Staff HR policies and if a person is already employed 100% of the time, a volunteer assignment would take them over 100%. 

Do Volunteers need to get a background check?

Yes. All volunteers are required to have a background check with the exception of student volunteers which will be determined on a job specific basis.

How do Volunteers get access to Athletics and Recreation facilities?

If the Volunteer is a current student, they are able to access the facility with their Student ID card. If they already have an Athletics and Recreation Facility Usage Membership, they are able to gain access with their membership card. If the volunteer does not have either of these, the supervisor completes an Athletics and Recreation Facility Access Form and submit with Volunteer paperwork.  


There are five required documents to sign up an Athletics Department Volunteer:

  1. Supervisor Checklist
  2. Staff Volunteer Agreement Letter
  3. Volunteer Election of Workers Compensation Coverage
  4. CANRA Mandatory Reporter Form
  5. Job Description

Step A - The following forms are to be completed and signed by the Volunteer.

  • Staff Volunteer Agreement Letter
  • Volunteer Election of Worker’s Compensation Coverage.
  • CANRA Mandatory Reporter Form - the link above is to a CANRA packet. The first page of the packet is the Mandatory Reporter Form that needs signature. You only need to print out the first page only and include that with Volunteer paperwork. The remaining pages in the packet are informational for the Volunteer.

Step B - After these forms are completed and signed, meet with your volunteer and review the "Supervisor Checklist". As the supervisor of an Athletics and Recreation volunteer, you are responsible for making sure they are familiar with departmental and UC Santa Cruz policies and procedures. Use the "Onboarding" page for reference.

Step C - You also sign:

  • Staff Volunteer Agreement Letter (make sure there is a beginning and end date to the Volunteer Appointment.  End date cannot exceed 6/30/xx of the academic year.).  Volunteers should use UCSC email address if they have one.
  • Volunteer Election of Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Step D - Make a copy of "Staff Agreement Letter", "Volunteer Election of Worker's Compensation Coverage" and "CANRA Mandatory Reporter Form" and give to your volunteer along with the information pages from CANRA packet (as referenced above in Step A).

Step E - Sign the  "Supervisor Checklist" and put it on the top of the packet and turn in all forms along with the JOB DESCRIPTION to the Volunteer Coordinator.

The Staff Volunteer Agreement Letter and Volunteer Election of Worker’s Compensation Coverage will be sent to UCSC Risk Management and a copy will be kept in the Athletics and Recreation Front Office. The "Supervisor Checklist" and "Job Description" will be kept in the Athletics and Recreation Front Office.

Please note: UCSC Staff HR Policy prohibits a volunteer from signing up to do the same work that another staff person is paid for. Please make sure that the job description for your volunteer is not already a paid position. Additionally, volunteers will be required to complete a background check.


If your volunteer needs access to the Athletic and Recreation Facilities, please complete an  Facility Access Request Form and include this with your paperwork. Please allow 5 business days for approval signature. This is only necessary if the Volunteer does not have another method of access. For instance, if the volunteer is a current UCSC student, they do not need to submit this form because they have access with their student ID card. If the volunteer already has an Athletics and Recreation Facility Usage Membership on their own (such as UCSC Staff and Faculty through payroll deduction), they do not need to submit this form because they have access with their membership card. In addition, if their volunteer duties to not require them to get access to the facilities, then you don't need to complete this form. If you determine that a request for access is needed, submit this to the Athletics and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator along with the other Volunteer paperwork. 

All volunteer forms should be subimitted to the Volunteer Coordinator, Cristen Babik. If you have questions about the process, contact Cristen at cbabik@ucsc.edu.